The MAS Maverick Difference

At McIntosh Area School, the educational journey our students embark on is one filled with social emotional learning, creating a community amongst their peers while being able to utilize 1:1 devices for innovative learning from learning software, to Virtual Reality lessons, Augmented Reality and labs; learning many times gamified to create and sustain student engagement while learning.

Our staff is alongside your student throughout their educational journey providing small group instruction, 1:1 instruction to individualize their learning to meet their academic needs and being able to continue learning ahead of others. All our students on campus from Kindergarten to 5th grade get to use our “Outside Hallways” transition to their classes “like big kids”and enjoy the abundance of creative opportunities. Students flourish with departmentalized classrooms with teachers who are specialized in their departments to best support their academic endeavors.


Our extravagant English department provides students with a world of knowledge and excitement surround by literary elements, theatrics, and is led by the Dynamic Duo we’ve all come to love; Ms. Beals & Ms. Montana.

Our Math department is filled with opportunities for our students to engage in their learning from technology to teacher led stations and the use of physical manipulatives to aid our students in their learning process. We have also been able to provide our students with an Elective/Club classroom filled with gear for P.E., Coding, Art, Theatre, and Music. The spacious Science room houses large lab tables, technology, and materials to create epic science experiments; where Science comes to Life! Additionally, students are provided time in their schedule to visit the library where study hall, guest readers and additional resources all come together to ensure that our students put their Best Talon forward when it comes to education. Go Eagles!

State of Florida and Marion County Public Schools Curriculum

"We follow the State of Florida & Marion County Public School's curriculum and utilize the FAST, BEST and STAR assessments – click here: "

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